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oh hey!! first dont worry i never thought that was ever an intended takeaway. in fact it does actually make me happy knowing you tried to address and work around All That. but i 100% understand your reasoning it's messy and complicated and idk if there exists a perfect way to deal with that without messing with the game's positive message (which is also really important like you said). i think i mainly just wanted to write that disclaimer somewhere, outside of the game's narrative, where people who played it might see.

the number of gender identity crises this game activated is impressive (congrats btw, official game of trans your gender)(this is a joke that isnt how being trans works), and i think that in and of itself is something to be proud of. the longer it takes to figure it out the worse it can be for some folks, and i really love seeing the impact this game had. idk, i guess i just wanna take this opportunity to say thank you (and dont take what i said earlier as criticism on your part even though reading it back it def sounds that way lol)