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Incredible (PLEASE READ!!!)

The only word that is close enough to even slightly describe the contents of this novel. I pretty much made an account just to be able to communicate with you, the author.


I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with Claire... You gave some clues in another comment, but unfortunately Google translate failed me once again... Could you perhaps help me out? So far I think that Claire was imaginary, her purpose only being a way of explaining where the e-mails came from. Was she Ciarán's DECEPTION? Did he try to deceive himself by personifying a part of him; acting like it was her/this part's fault for sending the messages? Maybe she is the part of Ciarán that wants to stay away from people. So when she wanted an answer on Graduation day it was litteraly Ciarán asking himself wether he wanted to stay alone(be with Claire). In the end we saw him propose to her. Perhaps he decided to stay alone(with Claire) forever? What I still don't get is how other people still see her as a person... Maybe it's Ciarán speaking or what he is currently thinking... Although it wouldn't make sense since when they were playing poker Claire won and Luce congratulated her (kind of). Then again when they were competing against each other Luce told Ciarán that he had won once previously and she had won once too. So was Claire's victory a lie? Had Luce won on the poker match or was victory hers too since Claire was on the girls' team? Also, Claire's sudden appearances and the fact that Ciarán said she was always with him kind of give us a hint about her non existence. I need to read this again but these are my current thoughts. Though, in conclusion I think she's the other part of Ciarán. The one afraid to be with people. Let's not forget that when Ciarán left the phone on the desk to talk to Claire no one really spoke, since Luce didn't hear a thing. I feel like Ciaran was lying to us; the readers (or maybe even to himself).



Now, the other thing that caught my attention were all the greek related names. As a greek myself, I found it fun to realise that some of the names you used have greek origins, or they even are greek words written with English characters. For example Luce Aurea. Here you obviously used the greek adjective ωραία (meaning: pretty, good looking). You explained that Endyein comes from greek too. Also Claire's surname is a greek name nowadays (Argyris / Αργύρηs). I'm confident that in Ancient Greece you could've found someone with that kind of surname since most people used their father's name as a surname. For example: if we used this kind of surname method nowadays if your father was named, for example William your surname would be Williams. Surnames like these still exist but we are no longer named after our fathers as you probably know already. Sorry I started ranting... I got a bit excited that's all.

Well...This is more like a letter to you now XD

If you read this far, thank you! I've never really written a comment this long... But I'm not exactly a fan of comments either, since I'm either too bored to write anything or too shy to state my opinion. But your story made me want to desperately try to get a few answers and opinions out of you. I really hope you reply because I'd love to hear your opinion on my theories.

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Wow, thank you, I'm glad you liked it so much. Let's start from the beginning and see what I can answer:

Everyone is always confused about that character lol. I actually prefer not to say it so I can let people think about it, but I can say you are not totally mistaken with your assumption and are actually pretty close! I personally prefer if you think more about it instead of giving you the answer directly, but If you still wanna know for sure what happened I can tell you that someone in the Steam forums of the game managed to solve it, so you can look there to find the answer. Since someone "already solved it" I took the freedom of creating a personal blog too where I give some answers about One Thousand Lies and some other things:

The blog is bilingüal so you can filter to only english entries. Still I personally prefer if people don't try to get the answer from me at least until they haven't think about it first. In the other hand I prefer to give an "official answer" because I hate those pretentious authors that never give any answers, I always get the feeling that they never actually had any idea of what they were doing and are just letting the fans to fill the holes in their own story with whatever they can come up. One Thousand Lies contains some certains points that are open in purpose, but mostly everything has an answer.

About greek, yes I used a lot of greek! The story after all is a new modern interpretation of the Pygmalion myth, so there's a huge greek influence. Ciarán's surname is also greek, ενδυειν, that at the same time is a variation of another myth, the myth of Endymion. For Claire you are not mistaken. I thought that was a surname, I didn't know it was a name nowadays.

For Luce however I made a bit of a play there so even thought it can be read in Greek, the main meaning for her surname is not from Greek but from Latin (but we all know how Latin took a lot from Greek anyways), so her surname meaning is actually "Golden". Claire surname is supposed to mean "Silver" so take your own conclusions considering the story (this is also something that I answer in the blog, so take a look if you want).

Anyways thank you very much for reading and for your comment, I appreciate it a lot.

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Hey again!

I'm so glad you replied to my comment! I thought about Claire a bit and then I visited the website. I read a bit of the Claire article and honestly that's genius. I tried not to read much of it and I didn't read the steam comments, because I feel like Claire should remain at least a small mystery. That's her charm after all right?

I definately see how much work you put into her character and that's why I have to say she's one of my favourites. Although, when you put effort into creating each character you usually don't have a favourite. Since I'm trying to think of a general idea and characters for an upcoming webcomic (honestly I don't even know how long it's going to take me to start writing it) I kind of understand the feeling.

I started a new subject already?

I have so many things to talk about haha

Now, about the story:

Have you gotten bored already? I'm probably the definition of a chatter box, heh (representing Ciaráns weird smile)

(don't listen to that dingus; she wants me dead)

BACK to what I was saying; your story and the concept around it was incredible. (Using that adjective again? Really?) ("Shut up I'm trying to make a good impression here.") I hate your characters and I must say that is the worst visual novel I've ever read. I feel like even if I am much better than you, I found a marvellous novel. ("STOP COVERING MY WORDS!") (Oh come on I was saying good things about you) ("NO, you were insulting the excellent author!") (Oh now you discreetly compliment her? I didn't think we were that kind of person)

ANYWAYS, the last thing I wanted to say in this comment is that if you need any ideas or help for any upcoming novel, I'd be glad to assist you. I bet you have a wonderful team helping you but if you need another source of inspiration don't hesitate to contact me.

("See now I bet she got the wrong impression!") (You always give the wrong impression.) ("It was your fault!") (Bahaha. Of course it was. Am I not here on purpose?) ("...")

This was just a silly addition to this comment. I love this kind of stuff haha. (Yeah, keep trying to explain my existence.) ("I think I did that already (:") (Have I ever told you how much I "love" you?) ("No but that's so nice of you!") (You... -the following words were censored due to Italic's stupidity-)

I have many more things to talk about, but for the sake of this comment I'll stop here. :) And I will definately check your blog once in a while!