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I played it, and enjoyed it a lot! Exploring the mindset of the main character as they experience dying over and over again, trying to keep a brave face because why should everyone know how horrific their future is. All that while seeing how happy and jovial they are and being able to extrapolate what kind of relationship Sif had with the party prior to this was an incredibly succinct way both to establish the party dynamic and show just how much the situation tormented them. Seeing everyone have these fun conversations that build up their character and the world they live in, all while Sif desperately tries to keep things together and wonders what they could possibly do to change something, anything about this scenario, was simultaneously heartwarming and heart wrenching.

The gameplay was also quite interesting, with the combat being a simple but effective system that wears its functionality on its face with the Rock-Paper-Scissors effectiveness triangle blending well with the Cooldown system and interesting character Crafts. A simple system, but one that has enough moving parts to allow interesting, meaningful choices to be made to optimize in a fight, requiring the player to engage with the systems.

I got the true ending, and simultaneously adored it and was left heartbroken by it. A fantastic game, and if/when you release a follow up to this or any other kinds of stand alone work, I would play it in a heartbeat!