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Well... Extremely fun game.  It was very entertaining and I will probably be playing it for another month and a half. Its a great time killer. Music is awesome, level design is awesome, game play is awesome. You thought it out very well, congratulations. It's one of those games that would make you rage and give up, but I was happy throughout and didn't stop. I suggest a few things : Firstly, increase the movement in water slightly. Second, maybe up the friction, (close to half of my deaths were slipping off the small platforms, although that does add challenge to the game) Thirdly, maybe make an alternate ending that would be somewhat to extremely complicated, which you could actually kill "Big Square" and rescue your pineapple. I love this game and will continue to spread the word. 

Failed to rescue pineapple in - 00:26:98

Failed to kill big square in - 00:35: 24

Total deaths : 193