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Hmm. When I designed it for the game jam what I wanted was for it to feel like a mechanical interlude. Like a time spent in an unfamiliar city with its own unique mechanics, which plays out, and then it's over. Like something you'd drop into the middle of your OSR game. The characters go to Viricorne to atone for their crimes, the mechanics are specific just to their time in the City, and maybe someone satisfies the Stay plaque and has to make up a new character, but otherwise when the token supply is in the discard, or players just don't have anything more they want to do, they leave, and the location and mechanical interlude is over.

If you need files for making a set of tokens and plaques, email me ( paul at halfmeme dot com ). I can get you something for how you're thinking of doing it.

That´s great. I didn´t think of the game as an interlude, but it makes sense. I think I´ll have an opportunity to use it in this vein. Thank you for the token and plaque offer. I´ll send you an email.