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3rd game is the charme as they say. And as usual the game had a lot of charme.
I enjoyed LPing it as usual (worked the shill in; here is the link: allthough I liked the first 2 games better. A summary of my thoughts:

-The story felt a bit rushed and I am kinda confused how some of the things worked out the way they did. And i am kinda unhappy with some developments allthough I guess that depends on taste. I just did not see a few things as they were presented (vaquee as hell for spoiler reasons)

-The music was cool.

-Art was as great as always. A special thumbs up for the sprites of some cameo characters.

-And also as always I had quite a few good laughs.

Now I read that you take a break from your own games for a while, which is sad, but that gives me time to catch up with other games. So I eagerly await the next part, even if it might take a while.