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I do apologize for such a linear level, lol. When I have map screens working, I will definitely work on the first official area for next demo day. I'm going to write out my responses while watching the video here:

  • saw two bugs that are very annoying (Layna pushing wall in wrong direction, projectile stacking when spamming frame perfect). Will fix.
  • I do have it set to a gradual increase when turning directions, but I agree, it should be more instantaneous when in full run. More snap.
  • I plan on adding an action when pressing dash in air while not moving. Not sure what it will be yet though.
  • bug in animation when dying during attack animation. Will fix.
  • there will be more options to beat the boss, as you'll have more weapons to use (such as a projectile that acts like an axe throw in Castlevania). That should help out with the difficulty a little more as well as when leveling up is added. I haven't gotten around to the final design and progression for them yet. Roll is very useful and I saw that you weren't using it to dodge his attacks, so I'll have to keep that in mind on how to let the player know that rolling is really good in the game's official tutorial section.
  • you were attacking in the air with three rapid strikes. Wasn't even aware three was possible. Impressive!

I think one of the great things I saw from your video is the amount of time it generally takes for the player to understand the boss's attack pattern, spacing, and overall feel. I am sinister sometimes, so I was amused when the boss caught you in its slam when transitioning to phase 2. I will add though a slight little rise to the boss before he slams down which will help telegraph the attack more.

Thank you for playing the demo, your feedback, and also the video!