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Pretty good! I'm not a shmuper but I had fun! Arts great to look at, especially level 2. In game sounds are solid, but the music stands out. I'm pretty sure level 1 got easier since the last demo you posted, which is great! The indoor sections and boss gave me some trouble, but I figured it out. I wish the walls didn't kill me. Level 2 kicked my ass though, I straight up have no idea how to deal with that many enemies and bullets, especially if I mess up beforehand and don't level up my gun. I've tried expertly timing bursts, but there are just so many bullets! Maybe I should git gud????

Random nitpicks: 

  • Jump guys should telegraph their jump attack with a squat
  • The hit flash on the turrets shouldn't make all of its sprite white, just the "turret part"
  • Cluster bomb attack is hard to see because it blends in with the background too much
  • Level 2 Boss 1 should have more telegraphs on its attacks, his attack sounds should be louder are more differentiable