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First off, really great controls. I played around in the start pool area for a good while just playing with the controllers before heading out any further, which is a pretty good sign.  I honestly haven't that much to say about the game, it played really nicely and it pretty fun (especially the boss).

I guess that the only complain I have was that the way leading up to the boss was a bit long and that the large waves of enemies really didn't compel me to stay around and fight them.  Like they were pretty easy to fight against, but near the end I just did my best to skip them. Maybe if they were to occasionally drop health/stamina/energy it would feel more rewarding to slay them.

The boss was great, tough as nails but great.

Thank you for playing and the feedback! I hope to eventually make bigger enemies that take up a lot of space or are highly aggressive, as right now these are just the few beginning ones.