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Hi, I've read your documentation and still having a few issues.  My setup is very simple.. I've updated my first room's size to 1280x720 and scaled down/rearranged my assets accordingly so they still look sharp and well positioned.  I also have no viewports at all, so it's pretty basic.  

That being said, when I run my game and it opens up into 1280x720, and I double click to expand the window, it pops it back to the 1280x720 window size every single time.  It never allows itself to expand or shrink at all.  I've tried both `aspect` and `linear` modes in the xtend_config and they behave the same way.

I guess what I'm looking for is when I reduce or expand the window size, it should allow it to expanded and perhaps add black bars where necessary.  Or maybe that's the wrong thing to do?  I'm not sure what the best course of action is, but if someone's screen is under 1280x720 or if they have a 4K screen, not being able to resize the window is bad, isn't it?

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Xtend is designed to remove black bars by expanding content to fill the empty space. If you don't have any viewports, Xtend will create one, so be aware that at least one viewport does exist.

It definitely doesn't enforce the original window size, though... that would defeat the whole purpose. Is your project configured to allow resizing the window? (This setting must be applied in GameMaker itself, not Xtend.)

If you're unable to identify the problem, feel free to send me your project by email (contact@xgasoft.comso I can investigate and better advise.

Ok that is definitely strange then, because I removed Xtend from my project and then I am able to resize my game window normally.  When I re-imported Xtend to my project, it once again locks the resolution.  I'll send you a link to my project to your email.  Thanks again!