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Fun, at first, but the enemy spawn rates past the Comm Relay make it too hectic for my tastes. It's a steep difficulty curve, once you get to that point.

Drones are okay (about half speed is enough to outrun them, and they seem to only deal minor damage to your power), but the Shrikes need some serious nerfing. You need to go full speed just to outrun them, but with how often they spawn, and how large their detection radius is (once you've spotted them, they've spotted you), how much power they take on hit (half of your power), it's near impossible to keep your power on and avoid their constant spawns.

On the other hand, though, I'd totally love a more-fleshed out version or sequel to this game.

By any chance did you have an AOL screen name of GlassPoppet?

No, sorry! I've never been an AOL user.