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Really nice game! It has a nice feel to it. The only thing I would had would be a killer sound track like the one in Contra 3 (SNES). 

Regarding your game, my team and I were wondering if you would allow us to use it in our Arcade Cabinets. We currently build retro gaming arcade cabinets and take the opportunity to show games like yours in them. Also do you have a website that shows all your content?


Hi @FinalBoss, I'm glad you like the game. You are free to include this in one of your cabinets, as long as you credit me and direct people to this webpage.

My website can be found at

It doesn't have much content at the moment.

I've been very busy with work, apologies for the late reply.


Hello rwols,

No problem for the delay. I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. We will definitely credit you and add a link to your website. If ever you want pics of it played on a cabinet let me know.