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listen u all, i have not stopped thinking abt this game ever.....very nice game about pizza yoyo boy,,,, it has rlly nice music too and i just LOVE the spritework it's very cute! good character designs for the little pizza topping friends also.. the level design and like, the game design in general is very very much like ps1 games which is really nice i love how it just rlly feels like how an official domino's game would be i guess??? i love it!!! and some of the little references to the original ads also,, i'm rlly into obscure-ish foodmascot stuff and history and all that junk SO seeing those nods 2 the old commercials was TOTALLY RAD! i have too much love in my heart for this game, very good masterpiece made by talented ppl. ABSO-LUTELY ahead of it's time. 11/10 i literally just made this account to leave a long nice review :o]