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Great MS Paint feel for the graphics.  Great graphics and animation overall in fact, it gives the game a great vibe; loved the tanks, helicopters and "movie screen".

Had a few issues; playing full screen doesn't show the bottom half of the game and often the keys seemed to get messed up in the browser until I refreshed the page. 

Also really tough - got to the end several times but couldn't kill the president. But end-bosses are mean to be tough.  

A great little game., really good.

PS I get the image you have on the game page is a presidential palace but it's a bit of a put-off, I was thinking "What has this got to do with MS-Paint" before playing the game. Maybe change for a in-game screen shot, your game graphics are good enough.


thanks friend ! I have a problem with Vírus in a game executable. I upload a Horrible HTML5 version. I Solve The problem now And upload The game download. Please play The game now to Take a best opnion! Thanks!

Game page image is much better now :)

the game is much better runing in windows executable!