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This game broke me. It blew my mind. It was so surprising. The twist got me especially well for a few reasons. When I go out to download dating sims, I look for them and then download like twenty at once. Then usually I leave most of them (if not all of them) for weeks. When I finally come back, I remember nothing about any of these games, except for a few certain ones.

So I opened this expecting a normal dating sim. I WAS VERY WRONG. The ending was so shell-shocking, so "WOAH", I literally closed the game and had to get up from my computer. So props for having broken me. ;P

I'm so glad it had an impact! XD I was never sure when I was working on it. I made myself get pretty weepy with the endings, but I'm so sentimental about the particular subject matter, I had no idea how it would land for other people. It's deeply rewarding when people tell me things like this, so, thank you :) I hope you also had fun!