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I love the game so far, one issue I had was after I had explored everywhere I could find, I had one of the parts for the elevator repair and i had found the Triangle piece and put it back into that machine. However after that point I spent so much time trying to figure out where to go or what I was missing I simply ran out of resources until I couldn't load my game anymore. At that point the game automatically deletes your save and you have to start the planet over again. Maybe I made a mistake and the other 2 parts of the elevator weren't hard to find and I was just missing something on the map. But the planet is so big that starting it all over, not because it was hard but because I couldn't figure out where to go seems a bit harsh.

After a while I had saved so many times that my saving cost was over 100, which is fine but I still think loading the game shouldn't cost anything. I still need to figure out the water area on the bottom left area where you can either go under or try to jet pack up to the rocks but having to redo the whole planet now makes me not want to keep playing.

EDIT: I realized what I was missing. In the underwater area. You can climb those plants in the background as if they were a ladder. They really don't stand out as something you can climb, I just happened to grab onto one as I was walking down there.

Having finished the demo now, it is still an incredible game. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hello ColdFear

I'm sorry that happened to you but it is part of the game experience. We want it to be a hardcore game where saving and loading takes up resources so you have to play with care and are always on the line. It makes the whole play experience a lot more exciting!

If you are lost there is a walk-through-guide video of the demo here: https://youtu.be/RTTYtASUCxI

I hope you make it and enjoy the game! Don't forget to read all the diaries before the very end!

Thanks for your support and interest!