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This was an alright experience!
At first I thought this was gonna be a pure trash game but it turned out to be better than I thought. The graphics are bad obviously but it didn't bother me too much. I care about atmosphere more. The atmosphere in this game was actually pretty okay. I was wondering through the hallways and rooms and I thought this was just gonna be like a P.T. thing but with only the first room and infinitely long. And then I heard this guy saying "Patient 1324 please..." the voice how it's edited was very cool! I like such weird edited voices. I didn't get the hint at first but got it after a minute. Since then the game started to get really good. It was more interesting. I didn't quite understand why we were there? Yes a car accident happened but there is not much backstory or did I miss something? Are those four heads the death victims that I killed when I cause the car accident? That's what I think. It's a pretty basic story but cool nonetheless. 
So when it said "YOU ARE PROGRESSING TOO FAST" I kind of got chills a little bit because it was just a weird message to me... why would the game tell me that? And also the even weirder and scarier voice "Patien 1324...." did really really good to the atmosphere.

So overall pretty okay but I think that someone peeking around the corner of the hallway(s) would have been really REALLY cool, without a sound or anything. Maybe you could do that and say that those were the victims that died in the car crash, that they haunt me in the afterlife now?
That's my idea for a little bit more horror. ^^

Thank you for this experience!

6/10 = 3 stars :)

Really appreciate the hones review for the game and thanks for playing the game

Btw yeah the story is that you were involved in a heist where you killed 4 people and died yourself. You were brought to that hospital and you died there, so you are trapped there forever. And yes the 4 heads you place are the people you murdered.

The text "You are progressing too fast" is because the game pauses till the dialogue of the hospital MC ends. I think we should change it to something else as it sounds a bit confusin