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This game, well, more likely the demo for now, is really amazing! I never really enjoyed playing these type of games myself, but Trickster is surely an exception! I found myself losing track of time and wanting more, keep up the great work!

I'd honestly like to become maybe slight friends with you? I mean, you seem like a good person, plus you like yaoi, you can't be bad, lol, but I guess that's asking a bit too much heh.

Anyway! I'm really looking forward to this game! Sending love and support~ <3


Ooh, thank you for such kind words <3 I'm honored that you want to be friends with me! Do you have Skype or Steam? We could chat there^^ If you don't want to write personal information here, please send me an email:, or you can follow me on Twitter (I'll follow you back):

I have skype! It's GiGiNii, I have the same profile picture as here!

Honor is on my side, I'm really glad!

Awesome! Contact request sent :)