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Day 3 of the build and we have the player movement completed. The player and the zombies all move around as they should but currently don't interact. We've started coding on that but not completed it.

We decided to code the majority on the game in a library, this just exposes a few objects (Game, Player, Zombies) that we use Unity to visualise. This allows us to set up unit tests on the game library to allow us to test as we go. But Unity is continuing to hobble us; I took a download of a new version of Unity this morning and now I can't load the project so I'm stuck just using Visual Studio & can't run the actual game now at all but I can run unit tests to check things are working. Meanwhile Jack can't get any of the unit tests to run on his Visual Studio, something in Unity seems to be preventing his copy seeing any tests, despite the fact we're using the same VS solution and projects.  

So I'm finding Unity pretty frustrating to use at the moment, I'm unsure if it's just because I'm unfamiliar with it or if it really does "straight-jacket" you and stops you developing code in the way you want to. Normally we could spend some time working out these issues with the development tools - but for the Game Jam we don't have the luxury of time so we have to live with it. Maybe next time we'll use XNA and do everything in Visual Studio?

Anyway, hopefully by early tomorrow we should be killing zombies...