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i really love this game but REALLY i need color i played for like 50 minutes now and i want colors xD or something that is chasing you? or something like that? it would be fun an endless game where something is following you and you need to find the red cube before that something finds you. and maybe after each level there are going to be more things that chase you? How about like the first level is without "enemies", the second one is with 1, after that with 2 ......or maybe even that it could be that 2 enemies can be replaced with something that is faster or something like that. the normal enemies count 1 and can only walk and not climb, 2 can climb and 3 can fly? i would LOVE that and i wrote toooooooo much sry xD


*just noticed how hard it would be to make them follow you and not run against walls....*

I think this will be like a scary game but  it'll  be good ................ and any ways the game is good ......... but god thinking tho