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yes. download app on linux and enable linux in settings drag the file (it should be your last modified one) into the linux folder and open terminal and type in: chmod +x itch-setup and then type ./itch setup and it should open. login and you can download games and play. *disclaimer- app sometimes flickers and crashes with some games (random games) im pretty sure you can only play linux compatible games (idk). If you use first person or need to look around (ingame) goto about:flags in google chrome and enable pointer lock for linux applications :) have fun (its actually my first day with the app lol)


thanks bro. it might take about a hundred years to figure out what half of what you said means but ill get it eventually lol

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hehe :) start with going to settings and enabling linux. wait for it to install. go the thing u drag up from the bottom with the apps and stuff. open terminal from linux folder and type in chmod +x itch-setup and then ./itch-setup to open it. then download some stuff and play. but u can only play linux compatible games with that little penguin icon. if you have discord you can dm me at Bep Cow#0598

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alright, that helps a lot. thanks bro. i appreciate it. im not the most tech savvy person lol

Ay, i am kinda techie kid, but I asked an even more evolved techie kid. Who like knows everything about coding and stuff like that. I am techie kid because I google stuff and remember it and become smart boi