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Played this a while back and found myself thinking about it again today.


I really enjoyed the 4th wall aspect of the game (i have a heightened interest in games like this) and the serious themes that went along with it. I remember getting uncomfortable when the Host's tone started to get darker and less pleasant as I realized she wasn't just talking to "The Visitor".  I was almost felt relieved when she said that final line as I thought something much worse was coming, haha. The art style was really nice as well, as it reminded me of a couple other 4th wall breakers I played in the past ( that's actually what convinced me to try your game out, needless to say I got my wish)

I know that this was a small project made for a game jam, but I would gladly pay for an expanded story with these characters. Not that every story has to have a happy ending, but seeing things turn out even a little better for the Host and Visitor would be nice. I am very interested to see what more could be done with this "world".

Anyway, thank you for your hard work on this game, KigyoDev