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This is the rest of my suggestions.


Toxic Explosive Bubble Gun.

Gust Cannon (pushes enemies back and damage them if they hit a wall).

Mega Portal Generator


Clones of our mutant character cast as a enemy for the loops, lets see it as this. The IDPD created clones of the characters and gave them special IDPD helmets so they can destroy the mutants cause they are awful at it. Found in loops and spawn with IDPD.

Loop Bosses from retail since loops feel lonely without mummy.


This is a challenge character that steals enemies bodies and do more damage as playing as them. Was originally going to be called Mimic but there is already a enemy called that.

Ghost (4HP):

Passive: Start with I frames unless you possess a enemy, after death it takes 5 seconds to die,

Active: Possess enemies bodies. HP changes each enemy depending on their size, and can only be used 6 times.

If you possess a Bandits body then you have 4HP (More if you have Rhino skin) and you have their ability.

If you possess a Scorpions body then you have 6HP, same as golden.

And other enemies except for Bosses(obviously), maggots and nests, explo freaks, and mimics.

TB: More Possession Damage

Ultra A: Possess 9 enemies,

Ultra B: Change your character

Ultra C: Chance to haunt every enemy on the level and make them fear you (less likely to fire at you, and chase you.)

Ultra D: Enhanced enemy possession abilities (more fire rate and a slight increase in damage).

Make Eagle Eye give more camera range (Got Eagle Eye and Euphoria mixed up before somehow).

Buff Weaponsmith, and give Hunter more camera range since he is a sniper.

And I have a character idea in which the player can hookshot to walls and shoot swarms when hurt.

Also thanks for adding Insomnia Couch Potato! Keep up the good work.

like a beehiveman? LOL

Love the IDPD clones suggestion!