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Hey, steb! Played this game for a few hours. Amazing. I've been following you on twitter for a while now, and watching the development on this game was wonderful. You created such a  unique world and concept, well done. I can not wait for the final product of this game, I'll definitely be purchasing if or when you post on Steam.

One thing I really would like to see in the future is boat / dock upgrades perhaps?

I really want to see a new game + mode as well? (Far later on in development, whenever you see fit. Dunno.)

All in all, loved it so much. Will continue to replay the demo until the  next version is released. Great work!

Thank you for the support! It is much appreciated.

I did consider upgrades before, I even had an implementation for a shop where you could buy them, however it made balancing difficult and felt unnecessary.

I may consider another type of upgrades (e.g. pick an upgrade after every boss), I need to do some planning and then I'll see how I feel after that.