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I like it a lot, and I can see how it could just get better and better as new things are added. I didn't get it at a glance, so I just started playing, so it's definitely something you can jump straight into, but not necessarily with comprehension for a bit. That wasn't a big deal though, since it is immediately satisfying and kept me wanting to figure it out. When I did I wanted to get a better score, which was cool too. I think what held me back from figuring it out is the stuff I'm sure would change with more time to work on it: the display of the current quest, maybe a quick highlight of the current target upon grabbing a quest, and more ominous countdown. Seems like there are loads of ways to add incremental growth, different areas, special quests, etc. If a person wanted to go real crazy they could make it multiplayer with 'garbage' spawned on the enemy map for combos and such. It felt quick and puzzle-y enough for that. Oh, and with the obstacles it could be cool to have fetch quests with npcs on one tile and the thing to get somewhere else on the map. ok I'm done thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for taking the time to give so much feedback! If I do add to this in the future, I will definitely take some of these ideas on board :)