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  • Lightning weapons, can you bring back the lightning weapons because I can only find the Lightning Pistol. As for a new lightning weapon I would say a high damaging lightning bolt from above or a directional lightning weapon that allows you to direct your lightning streams.
  • A charging energy weapon (MEGA BUSTER ;)).
  • Every mini weapon goes to 1_1 and stay at 1_1.
  • Boomerang blade gun
  • Modifications such as charge shot (bigger bullet,bolt,shell,energy the longer its held making reload time larger), lightning, blue fire, ricochet, bounce, director, morph.
  • More toxic weapons.
  • Mine from Super Crate Box (can be tossed)


  • Scorching Veins - Keep 50% of your hp when damaged by toxic and blue fire (Make players have to choose between Boiling Veins)
  • Swing Control - Projectiles hit with melee weapons home back towards who shot it.
  • Hell's Torch - Fire last longer and do more damage. nevermind saw atoms ultra
  • Iron Blood - Stronger blood damage.
  • Insomnia - For the first 5 seconds of each level enemies go to sleep.
  • *Euphoria* - add ability to have more camera range


  • Alien - Has a small hitbox, active with a long cool down that lets him send a circle like wave that pushes back enemies. Throne butt makes it so if the enemies hit a wall when pushed take damage. Ultra A: Active reflects projectiles. Ultra B: Inverts the wave so it pulls enemies in (same as kraken basically but extremely powerful) Ultra C: Energy weapons bounce off walls Ultra D: Removes active with a small stationary wave shield that keeps enemies from touching you, but projectiles can still hit you.

I made a sprite sheet for this character a while ago, I don't know if its good enough though. Bigger than actual size

I am aware that some of these suggestions may not be good and I have a lot more suggestions but i'm too lazy to add more since this took 5 hours, also it would take a lot of space.

Cool My Friend :D