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Hi sitebender, sorry for the delay in our replay:

"Why is it when I touch the checkpoint the game will still send me to the start of a level?"
At the beginning of a level, you only have one Resurrection Ash. Each time you die, you respawn in a checkpoint by wasting one of these ashes. It is a concept similar to the lives of any game. We plan to explain this better or change its way of use.

"When I'm next to a wall the player seems to just bounce off the wall as if the jump hit box is different from the standing hit box."
The collision box is the same in the both cases. That "force" that you see is because of the physics engine. We are still working on it.

"Kudos on being able to butt stomp through boxes. I've never seen that in a fox game before."
This works through the boxes and also happens on wooden platforms too. That leads to dangerous situations when you have to fight against enemies on those surfaces because if you fail in the stomp, you can end up falling on a stake trap. We are very glad that you like it.

Thank you for your feedback. Boomfire Games Team