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can't open any files on Mac OS Big Sur...

[resolve/resolu | -ty kyosin- | explain see bellow/explication voir ci dessous]

OK on Mac OS Big Sur

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I try use "ORACLE VM VIRTUALBOX" (windows 10) for play with the Windows version on my Mac OS Big Sur

not work : error violation directx11 dll

not work on my MAC OS Mojave  10.14.3

I also have the same problem, but it says I don't have permission to open the application. I asked Apple for help and they said it had to do with the developer. I have had the same issue with other games, anybody know how to fix that?

So there is this code I use that usually works for when I see this pop up (the permission pop up not the error sadly). If you go to terminal type this "sudo chmod -R 755 Path to the app/file". For the path part just right click the main file, aka the file that holds the game inside, and hold the option key, from there where you usually see the copy command, it should say copy... as Pathname. After doing that just paste the pathname and click enter. It should then ask you to enter the password you use to enter your Mac and once you do that click enter again. And boom the game should now run, I would say this always work but I just recently tried it again on a different game but it didn't work, however this game did work for me when I did this. So hopefully this helps you guys to play this game 

Side note: don't copy the part of path to app/file that should be replaced by the pathname you copy.  Otherwise copy the part before that.

I was trying it out but I am not sure how to do it properly, are you able to post pictures step by step?


So this should be the first part within the terminal app. copy this part exactly the same as you see here. 

The final part of the code requires you to copy the file pathname. To do so, you go to the file of the game. which on Mac should "29mac", and right click the file and this should pop up. You want to pay attention to the section that says copy.

When this pops up, hold the option key on your keyboard and this should appear.

click on copy "29mac" as Pathname and from there paste it on the code after the 755. It should then ask you to type the password to your Mac and that should be it. Make sure you don't mess up the password as it doesn't show as you type it in terminal so it's quite easy to mess it up by accident.


Thank you so much Kyosin for the help! It didn't work for the, but it did for the new so thank you again for the assistance! :)

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[resolve | ty kyosin] (en français plus bas ;)))

open terminal past "sudo chmod -R 755 "  drag app on terminal and validate. type your password. launch  (don't put in trash ;)) go scécurité in setting and validate for open app.

(this app is on extern hdd donc no problem for use is not in repertory app ;))

so resolve and working on Mac OS big sur. ty kyosin :)


[resolu | merci kyosin]

ouvrir terminal coller "sudo chmod -R 755 "  prendre l'app la glisser dans terminal valider. taper son mot de passe. Puis lancer le jeu  (lui répondre comme toujours: non pas à la poubelle ;)) allez ensuite sécurité et confidentialité et validé l'ouverture de l'application.

(perso il se trouve sur un disque externe donc pas besoin de la mettre dans le rep app ;))

OK résolu et fonctionne sur Mac OS big sur. Merci kyosin :)