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This game was absolutely AMAZING. Pretty music, pretty graphics, hilarious but sweet story and simply adorable characters!

At the start of the game, I was set on Florien but when Anton was introduced, I thought he was the dark and brooding type so I went for him first just for fun but no! He was actually a sweet but dense guy (Loved Florien's and Yvin's comments about it. XD Hilarious!). After that, I decided that I would go for Florien next (It was really hard to ignore him) and I LOVED it! He was just soooo ADORABLE! He's a little obvious with his feelings since he just keeps getting so flustered! (He's so cute,I swear-) But when he just saves Ciel, I just lost it. Like, it was so sweet of him! And when he asked to kissed her I just started fangirling so hard! Then I got kinda disappointed by the fact he didn't kiss Ciel on the lips-- but he's the only one (other than Ais) who actually kissed her so I'll let it slide.

Speaking of Ais, I was kinda disappointed that he didn't have a route but you had time limitations so I understand.

Yvin's route felt kinda rushed to me but it was entertaining! (The ending though!)

The post-story extra, specifically Meeting the King, was just HILARIOUS for me! The way Florien and Yvin get nervous about it, saying how their lives were at stake and all that really cracked me up! I'm pretty sure Anton was nervous about it as well, but the redhead being the tough guy he is went with it anyway.

The other post-story extra (The dinner thing) was just HILARIOUS! XD I just lost it when Yvin started talking about the fanfiction.

TL;DR/All in all - Everything's really pretty and I really loved the funny scenes. Florien's my fave (HE'S SO PRECIOUS), Anton is second. (Poor Yvin).

P.S. Anholly just finished downloading, I'll leave a review for it later!

I'm glad you liked it! But I didn't leave out an Ais route because of time constraints; it's because I want people to suffer <3