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Some quick bugs I found:
-In the third or fourth column from the left at near the top third of the map you can once per game place a terrain not touching land and it will add the pieces missing to connect it ie an additional 3-4 terrain pieces get generated from placing the card
-If a star (point) piece is placed while touching the right side of the map, the piece will not generate points from all terrain even if it has the space available that would allow it normally. This only sometimes occurs.

-I am so confident one of the upgrades gives coins instead of taking them, or there is some issue with how the coins generate because by level 5 coin upgrades are entirely obsolete and I have 50 or some coins that just steadily rise over time to crazy amounts

-In puzzle mode terrain does not properly track for the goals in the bottom right

-Kind of a return of the grid highlight making the performance drop slightly, definitely not as much as before but enough that sometimes rotating or placing a piece feels 'sticky' and causes the game not to respond to a rotation input or placement imput and when it does sometimes creates a delay. It's negligible in early game but just before it stops tracking it there are more obvious delays

-I'm not sure what causes it but sometimes trying to hot key a card into my hand.... makes the piece show up on the card behind it as its falling? instead of with my mouse so it just covers the other card which still has its original image on it as well. It remains there until the card it attached to is placed or deleted. This makes it impossible to place the original card. It's only happened about five or six times over the past week but it's still a bit bizarre.

-not a bug but I thought it was funny that you have a long T piece immediately followed by a single piece every ten cards. Definitely noticed how you copy pasted to build the card order lmao. This isn't a complaint, I just noticed it because you really get a muscle memory for anticipating those pieces after so long

-also not really a bug but this is by far the hardest version of the game yet because you can no longer hold a piece to prevent it from dropping in addition to having to keep track of more things

Ahhhh, I figured out the coin thing I somehow missed one of the upgrades DOES give coins instead of points. This upgrade kind of breaks the coins for you never needing to ever pick up coins again, especially the farm tile one which is the only one I've seen so far for sure has a coin upgrade just because the farm tiles are so common

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Confirmed the unplayable card bug occurs with clicking card not just hotkey. Still present in new update as well// update from a few days ago I mean you JUST updated it again. this as far as 1.14 i think, the in game devlog might need to be looked at because the last two updates have the same version number and the same date but there was definitely a week between them lol

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The edge piece not generating points bug can actually happen on any edge if it is a single piece being placed only adjacent to one block. Still present as well and has occurred twice in one game so it doesnt have a limitation to how many times it can happen// again this is for the update before the one that JUST occured