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Thank you for playing and for the feedback, @junacik99! :) A new version of this game with revamped everything will come out soon. ^_^

I will  wait 

Hello, @junacik99! :) We are pleased to inform you that an upgraded version of this game is out. ^_^ You can check it out here: Free to download. We hope you enjoy our new release.

By the way, I loved Akame ga Kill too! Both anime and manga. <3

I'll give it a try as soon as I can. And I know I won't be disappointed :D I'll try to play it at night so it would be more scary.

Unfortunately I haven't read manga of Akame ga Kill yet, but anime was awesome. I hope that once I would be able to read it :D

Thx for your work and good luck in future projects ;) (y)

Oh, wheeee! Thank you very much. ^_^ You're awesome!

Have a great time and ei, Happy Halloween. 

Gosh, yes! Akame ga Kill anime was great. Loved the bittersweet ending. The manga is waaay bettet. Can't wait for you to rad and finish it. You won't regret it. :)

Wheeee :D it won't be the same cause I'm already familiar with main plot, but someday. Who knows :D