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i've been wanting a good game with pirates, Sea battles  etc... im hoping this will eventually quench my thirst for that



So did I, avid fan of Sid Meiers Pirate which for the time was a most popular game, straight playing period simulation limited only by sprite technology.  

thought this game would be a vast improvement, so did Sid, but as he was scuttled by Atari (Super Mario the Pirate) Bethesda SW gutted this program as a Disney prostitute, creating all kinds of stupid gimmicks and scripted play that takes away the complexity of reality.

Since it is an open-community effort I would think some intelligent coder out there that also likes C. S. Forester and sees in this framework a sow's ear that can be turned into a silk purse of programming.  But, so far, no takers.  People are using the engine to work up scenarios of their own interest, very restricted and lacking in universal appeal.

Since it is abandon-ware maybe some intelligent person with the right skillset and an interest in the tall ships and Spanish Main will take interest and use that passion to do what is right?)

Yea... the second coming of Christ is more likely.(

it failed to quench my thirst , i couldnt get of the freaking dock  lol