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Ran into more than a few glitches, and had to restart, and even uninstall and re-download the game due to problems. However, I finally completed the game.

The art style is good, but felt some of the animations were lacking. Your character can never turn around, and the walking animation straight up doesn't work sometimes. The quests were rather simple, which isn't a bad thing, and the character design was cutesy and endearing.

I felt the ending was rather bizarre. I don't know if there is some folklore that would justify the cat *SPOILER AVOIDING* doing the thing at the end, but I would have rather expected something more rewarding than what was given.

Either way, thanks for making this. You can see my entire experience with it here --> 

man that's pretty bad, i'm really sorry about that. Thanks for persevering with it though- I really do appreciate it! And this is some really helpful feedback and i'm sorry you felt disappointing by the ending, i promise the next one will be better! Thanks for sharing :D