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I'm inclined to respond with  simple 'yes'.
From a more technical aspect, I was working from the idea of a point spread, specifically a Primary (A) and Secondary (B) stat that are more or less cumulative. So for Twilight's ending, the A stat would be INT and the B stat was Charm/Charisma, and the goal was to get over ten (more like thirteen) of some combination. So 7A and 7B would still be passing, but 10A and 3B would not, even though she maxed out her primary stat.
I was also kind of basing this off the idea that, as you used the magic, Twilight's CHA would naturally increase. I thought it might be a good way to reduce grind, and encourage the use of magic, but at the same time I considered that it might drop her INT, although to a lesser degree. That's all speculation on y part though.
If there's really a want, we could do a three-tier system and appropriate value based on that, where C points are worth half of B are worth half of A, or something. Just something in place to encourage the player to develop something beyond INT because "brains lol".

I don't even know if that makes sense.