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Hello. I would like to ask if I can send you fanarts for the girl's card ? I like your game a lot. If you're curious of my drawning skills, here my website ( or my Deviantart page (

Oh my god I love your art hahaha.

Sure! Just send me via discord (or here) the images. It has to be two; One transparent PNG (the girl) and the background. And well, if you want, any link or info you want to add! And thank you so much

It's okay if we use background from the game ? I'm not very strong at drawing backgrounds ^^"

Do you prefer regular artworks or lewd ones ? ^^

Hey, if you can I can use the backgrounds. It's okay if it's just a PNG xD

Well, regular or lewd... That depends on you :D

Could you give me a width / height limit in pixels, please ? :) I don't know the screen limit of the game ^^ It's okay if I share my fanarts here or do you prefer a more private way ?

There's no limit, I will tweak them all so don't worry! You can do it here, or in my private messages on twitter or discord