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I just played through what's in the Ellis route, and I didn't know what drew me to him. Until I realized- he reminded me so much of a human version of Wheatley! Oh man, once I realized that, it- it was just over. No question, no competition, nope, just Ellis. I love characters like that so much. Though now I've just completed what's in his route, and you did it.  Now I'm dying for the full release. Aw man! What the heck! This is why I don't play demos! Now I have to wait to get back to my little cinnamon roll. *cries*

Also, if I may ask, is there any planned release date for the full game?

There were multiple things in the new demo that I was like, "Hey! That's new!" I was honestly taken by a bit of a surprise each time. Though one addition I'm not sure about is Tabitha. She seems like a tad more aggressive version of Nicholl. They're almost like the same character. Was she really needed? Though I suppose I haven't seen much of her, so I can't really say too much. *sigh* (Also, I have seen the comment you made about how Charming needs "pushy" friends in order to not scare them away, and I suppose that makes sense, she just seems a lot like Nicholl somehow. Pushy, kinda sassy, likes to tease, fierce, a good friend, etc.)