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Hi, I have just tried out this game. I like that the randomized objectives for the characters can lead to interesting constellations. But we had a lit bit of trouble finding out the following: When is a turn over? After a single question (which could break the flow of the game, unless there is an elegant mechanism)? Or after a collection of questions (which opens another question: Can the suspect switch between truth and lie, if they roll 2-4 on their turn)?

Hi, Timo. First of all, thanks for downloading the game and playing it. 

Regarding your question, it is a tough one and I admit I found myself in your same situation. I haven't prepared any rule about the end of the turn, precisely because of how difficult it was to determine it rationally. 

When I played, I left it to the 'flow' of the game (as you mention) and I let the narrative and the pacing take the lead in agreement with my partner. I encourage you to do it this way.

But if I'd have to rationalize it, I would say that the turn can be considered finished when the 2 players are satisfied with the answer provided.

Anyway, this is a quick project and I have barely playtested it. So if you have any idea or if you find a way to deal with this issue, I'm totally open to suggestions. If I try them and I see that they work, I will include them in future updates giving you credit.