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im absolutely stuck at a certain part and can't find any walkthroughs for the life of me, can anyone help??

It's been a while since I threw this little thing together but if worst comes to worst I can always put it back in the rpgmaker workshop and pick thru it by hand. Whereabouts are you stuck? And btw, the idea that people are still playing this and like it enough to wanna finish it if they get stuck absolutely made my day <3

It may sound silly, but I cant find the combination to the safe thingy in one of the rooms.. I've already met the investigator guy but i cant find the report he wants, nor can I find the combination to the safe that i suspect might hold said report. It seems like an awesome game! I hope I can get past that roadblock soon because I'm really enjoying the experience!


The code ought to be 8051.  Get past that and I think you're quite near the ending. And thank you again; it's very encouraging to hear that people enjoyed this little thing I cobbled together way back. I might have to make another one, hopefully with puzzles that are a bit less obtuse :)