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Hello, I'm doing a playthrough on your game (absolutely amazing so far (loved Disparity of the Dead aswell)), but I'm having trouble getting Ending 9. googled how to get it and I got this site:

Followed it through, still couldn't get it. Watched playthroughs, nope. Checked other sites, same walkthrough as the other, still couldn't. I don't know if I have to follow it exactly in the order as it is listed or what. I also can't get Ezekiel to appear. Tried Wine, Growth, and Immortality, and nothing. Idk if he's a Steam exclusive or. Anyways, Your help would be much appreciated. Either way, still loving the game and its many intricacies. Hope for a response, have a nice day :)

Edit: Oops, nvm, heard it's random chance for both. I'll work hard to get them. Anyways, Still hope you have a wonderful day, and can't wait to see wait you make next :)