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Amazing game, don't sleep on this one. I usually play these games for a single character and I stop there, but with this one I can't decide which one I'll play next.
The art style is a blessing for the eyeballs, sprites, CGs, backgrounds, even some mini-games are fun to look at.

The story is nothing revolutionary but it's a dating sim and it does the job well. I've experienced the full rollercoaster of emotions. Much more than I usually do with these types of games.

What I LOVE the most is how the MC is a character who has a decent amount of confidence about himself, has a backbone and will fight a dude if he needs to. Usually, these games present a whiny MC who can't do anything on their own and needs help from their love interest 24/7. Not this guy and it's so refreshing to see a MC like this.

The sheer amount of content is also impressive, especially for a game (mostly?) made by a single person.

Personally I exchanged a few tweets with the developer and they are very responsive and helpful. All in all, thanks again for this product. Looking forward to whatever comes next from you.