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I had tremendous pleasure and fun reading/playing this visual novel. 

The art is, simply put, gorgeous, and I surprised myself several times stopping the flow of the game to zoom in on the screen and check out the details. Is the artist a painter ?

The story is, equally so, "worth telling" as my grand-parents used to say, because one can feel it was beautifully crafted. It's intriguing, surprising and... well, of the kind that I want to see everywhere in VNs, because it's everywhere in books, in tales, in legends where I live. It's very refreshing compared to the usual tropes of the genre.

Thank you very much!

I hope there will be more in the future, please do let us know when time has come! Wishing you all the best et Merci!


Thanks a lot for your nice comment! Glad you enjoyed Along the Edge.

If you want to keep in touch with our next project you can follow us on social networks. ;)