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Hello, I just recently recorded a first try video of your game, however, it was flagged for copyright based on the music on the battle screen. I'm just wondering how you obtained the music so I can either leave the flag alone or dispute it.

Also I had a slight issue with how the controls are mapped, wsad only seems to work if capslock is off, which I didn't even realize I had on at the time. If possible could you link both higher case and lowercase letters to the movement controls?

Thanks for the report! All music were taken from and all of them are under CC. The battle music is Adventure by Celestial Aeon Project ( Perhaps it was licensed commercially? Either way I think you can leave it flagged. But it's weird because someone else made a video about it but it didn't trip up the copyright detector.

Ah, that is pretty easy to fix. I'll see if I can update the game sometime soon. Thanks!

Thanks for responding, I'll leave it flagged.

Youtube doesn't always pick up on this stuff, the battle music played multiple times in the video but only one time was it flagged.