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I am also unable to load anything into the trial version unless I am missing something. I tried dragging and dropping sprites at various locations in the UI, but this did not work. All of the top menus are disabled aside from the “Help” menu, so that was not very helpful (terrible joke, I know).

I am able to add bones as children of other bones. I can also set each bone to be an IK bone. However, I see no evidence that the IK is working. If I grab the end of the bottommost child bone and move it, I would expect it to move all of the parent bones above it that have been flagged as IK bones. This is not happening and only the bottom bone is moving.

I am very interested in this software and more than willing to purchase it, but I would at least like to be able to import images, skin them and animate them with the bones, and see the IK working. I am not concerned about saving or even loading a project with the demo, but I would prefer the demo allow me the above functionality prior to purchasing.

Looks very cool though and I am definitely following. Good luck with this!

Hey! Sorry for getting back to you so late but to import images right click the asset browser and a menu button that says "import" will appear. I now see that this could be a little confusing and will push out a patch to make it more obvious.

For more information here is the wiki link:

Please get back to me and let me know if this works for you. Also, join the discord! I usually check there often.