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this is NOT a copy of getting over it, the map is different, the sprites and stuff are different and the code is just a ragdoll auto balancing on a rectangle hitbox, which is the so called sledgehammer. Sam Hogan is  a Game Creator, not a person who steals everyone elses ideas or work. If you see this, then please just get the f#(k off and dont look at his game again, do i really have to act like a defender against you, who is against Sam in court? Just go mind your own fu(%^ng business, and dont return!

You heard that right, DONT RETURN!

Post scriptum Sam NEVER steals stuff from scratch and doesnt code with scratch

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This is NOT Sam Hogan's game and is stolen by Joe Crump, He stole griffpatch's recreation and just retextured it, want a comparison?

Sure, here's the original project

Next time, please look at the author of the game

haha you're too scared to reply