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I have a couple saves on text that has typos, and will continue to accumulate them as I see them. I'm sure you're already hard at work on updating these, but I figured it'd be nice to have direct references. Let me know if this is useful to you at all, and I can share my email to give you the saves.

On another note, this is amazing. I wasn't expecting this game until November, and it's out now. After playing for a few hours, everything has been deeply moving, and all the introductions (knowing the personalities they're based on) have such a sense of hilarity. I feel really excited and giddy playing this, like a Christmas morning that lasts for a week. This is about everything I could hope for: a compelling story, meaningful decision-making, beautiful sprites and background art, a good soundtrack...the list can go on. I'm very pleased with the result. Whatever it is that you're doing, whatever the motivation and inspiration that has caused you to create this, don't lose sight of that. As a Normal Boots fan for a few years, I can say that this game really delivers.


Also, in Shane's Best End, he says he's never heard her swear before. Which is false, if you look back at the joke in the cooking scene.