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Delirious is packed with tropes and horror cliches, almost to the point that it is unidentifiable from the rest of the indie horror game schlock. There’s not much point in individually listing problems as the game has been made before and remade a dozen times over. Bored Leviathan as a developer has created much more exciting and enjoyable games. I hope that you will refocus your efforts on what makes your games quirky and different, rather than just slip into the generic horror game mold of running down pitch-black hallways and forcing off-brand PT clones at the player. But in the grand scheme of things, Delirious is inoffensive, so inoffensive that it’s difficult to even comment on anything in a way that hasn’t been done a million times over. /End cynical rant. Leviathan, don’t dwell on this one; leave it as it is, and focus on creating projects that you enjoy, not just cutting and pasting random assets together with a “your character is mentally unstable storyline.” Keep up the good work, mate. For what it’s worth, my review is below.