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Ok, ok, that's a big load of information, so I'll just go trough it.

"my Tablet is glitchy" does it make it a Glitchta(b)le(t) ;-)? Ok, but now seriously.

"There is in reality no complete knowledge of the the Story of Undertale is" There is one guy who knows everything about Undertale, but I guess we can't count on him, do we?

"Why Undyne melts in the genocide run" It's because of her DETERMINATION(!!!), since monsters can't handle it well. She melts when you try to kill her in a neutral path as well.

"Why Asriel is a flower, or was turned into a flower" Go read some books. Seriously, if you take a look at the librarby's books you'll find one that explains that when dying, a monster's personality is saved in it's dust (not the most accurate explanation I'm giving here but you surely get what I mean). When Asriel came back and died his dust has been spreaded across (later) Asgore's garden. One  of those flowers has been taken by Alphys during her DT experiments and so a soulles time controlling homocidial creature has been brought to "life". GG science.

"The player never knows of Frisks name until she says it" who is she? Are you implying on Frisk's gender?

"her soul" AGAIN!!!*

"Just a quick point even if frisk is a reincarnation, Chara shouldn't exist at the end of the game. If Frisk is chara, because thats not how reincarnation  works, the only way that'd work is if chara went to the future to meet her reincarnated self." Erm... That... Can you please explain this? I don't understand anything.

"The narrator also knows about item that neither frisk or the other minepsters should know what it is." What is a 'minepster'?

I've seen both videos already.

Now the final question: What is it you try to tell here? I mean, you have some good points in general but what's your goal?

*Don't take me THAT serious