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This is a lovely puzzlegame that stops just short of being a great one. Its a vs puzzle game (against another human or AI), where you place a tile and depending on how the colors match, you get more points. Match one side, 1 point, match all 4 sides 10 points, points subtracted for wrong color placement. The game has online multiplayer, single player challenges and single matches and it feels like a well made family board game that you can have some good time with. There is a bit of strategy, considering you always have 2 pieces at hand, so you can try to prepare the board for your other one, but I wish the game had more of these strategical elements (additional bigger shapes for extra points, like big diamonds, or T shapes and whatnot), as otherwise your decisions feel a bit too railroaded with relatively limited options. Still, lovely and absolutely worth checking out, if only for the SP challenges and some light family socially distanced boardgame fun. 3,5/5

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