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Interesting concept obviously not going to be able to explore the full puzzle capabilities of it in a 2 day development span. I had to read your description to understand what was happening. To better convey to the player what is going on you should turn the effects from translucent to opaque when holding an object. or at least more opaque or change color really just anything to let the player know visually that the behavior has changed due to some action they have done. The other thing is the level shouldn't start on the same yellow square that it ends on this conveys mixed messages. You don't need a marker to indicate where they began that information isn't useful but if you still feel the need to convey it don't use the same visual as the ending. The level design in that last room was pretty bizarre I didn't need to use that flat glass shaped object at all and had no reason to explore that corner. If you plan on turning this into a full fledged game here are some mechanics that I would add if I were you. 1. buttons to put the big blocks on that do something, probably open a door or create new translucent bridges. 2. have receivers on the walls that take the smaller cubes as input those could power bridges and doors too. Maybe you could have red bridges an objects that are solid when the blue ones are not and vice versa.