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I am  releasing the game for free. As many people that have bought into the kick starter already i don't want their money.

Because we got ripped off on that and yeah.. the goals were met i will be releasing the game free of charge. 

I know I am super late to the party but hearing how you just took it upon yourself to finish the game is Awesome in the literal meaning of that word! Sadly I can't really help out a lot with my lack of drawing or coding skills,only thing there is for me to do is to point out that on the Steam Greenlight page for BILY there is a one(year old) comment of a artist saying they love to be involved. You may already saw it,but in case you didn't

BILY greenlight page:

Portfolio of Jes Udelle (Puddle):

But last question. Do you have a blog or something for this? It would be amazing to build a small community that wants to actually finish making this "dead" project!

Hey that is  Really great but when the game is done can your reply tp this saying when it comes out/ Also will the game be on steam or gamejolt or here on itch?

Hey, I think I was supposed to get a callout in the game of some sort.  Like you, I mostly would like to see the game get made.  Is there anything I can do to help?